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Global warming is not a hoax but a reality. According to the IPCC, animal agriculture is the second biggest source of carbon emissions. Besides, animal agriculture is responsible for 90% of the Amazon deforestation. The University of Oxford has stated that switching to a plant-based diet is the single biggest thing an individual can do to combat climate change.

We kill 50 billion animals per year for human consumption. Many of these animals live under horrific conditions and have illnesses. 80% of all antibiotics go to farm animals, making us humans resistant for diseases. The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness points out that animals have a conscious and can suffer pain. The Plantbase Foundation wants to eliminate animal cruelty and believes killing animals for consumption is morally wrong.

If we want to feed a growing population while keeping the planet liveable and improve the lives of all beings on it, then plant-based food and fashion is the future. That’s why the Plantbase Foundation support a wide variety of plant-based initiatives.

The Plantbase Foundation is a charity and doesn’t make a monetary profit. We depend solely on donations. We report our results on an annual basis.


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