Plantbase backs movie about vegan athletes

Pledge from Plantbase helps to fund new short film of Tim Dekens and team

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Plantbase has pledged a donation to support the creation of a new short movie to highlight the benefits of a plant-based diet on sport performance.   The team behind the new movie consists of filmmakers & vegan athletes. They are currently working on a short film to inspire the next generation about a plant-based diet. The team noticed there is a lot of content nowadays but it’s mainly focussed on information rather than inspiration. Thanks to the pledge from Plantbase they have now raised enough capital to start shooting the movie

Creatives and athletes

The team exists of 4 experienced filmmakers, 2 plant-based bodybuilders and 2 Crossfit Games athletes including the 2018 Dutch National Champion Jeremy Reynders. Tim Dekens is the creative mastermind behind the movie, directing it and and also backing the movie financially. Anneloes Keizer is responsible for the production, while Generatie Alles are the main team behind the filming and editing. They have also made an investment into the total budget.

Last year the team has made an award-winning short film about climate change for the NGO JustDiggit.

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